Pension Issue

Respected Sir,

Attached document named 12.06.2014 is the 1st letter I received from the Employees Provident Fund Organization, informing me that I had been availing double pensions under EPS 95 with reference of PPO no. 4020963 and PPO no. 4080261. The attached calculation sheet to this letter states that I had to pay a refund amount of Rs.68730/- to the Regional PF Commissioner Office, Thane.

The calculations shows a separate two pensions are illegal for which you should have merged both the PPO with correction and created new PPO no.4089290 to provide me correct amount of monthly pension. Meantime the amount of PPO no.4080261 Rs.1208/- was stopped to transfer in my bank account and amount of PPO no.4020963 REDUCED PENSION Rs.493/- was continued.

This is to bring to your notice that I had submitted full details of PPO no.4020963 REDUCED PENSION with Xerox copy of certificates for ready recurring to office alongwith form for PPO no.4080261, I have not pretended the act which happened. It seems the person of PF office dealing with my application form for PPO no. 4080261 didnot deal correctly at that stage, otherwise the current problem might have not occured.

After receiving letter 12.06.2014 I had contacted PF office staff and Asst.Commissioner, Pension Preaudit, Thane, alongwith reply against letter named 12.06.2014. They were not ready to recieve my reply in writing, only demanding the huge amount of Rs.68730/- either by cheque or by cash and also threatened as Police will be sent at my place for refund recovery and sealing my Bank account,etc. after a lot of discussion they received my replied letter dated 08.07.2014 against PF office letter named 12.06.2014.

The mistake done by PF Organization staff was rectified by cancelling my pension for Senior citizens who has no other means of fund, in addition have to pay the Big amount one go.

Again I had received a letter named 14.08.2014 from PF Organization with the same matter without any consideration of my reply. After this letter again I was threatened on phone for Police and Court, etc. for fund recovery. It has caused me a major distress and pushed me in big trouble were I had to borrow money from family and friends.

At this stage being a Senior citizen and inability to arrange the refund of money I authorized through letter dated 16.09.2014 to PF Organization to stop my payment coming to me from both the PPOs until the Rs.68730/- is recovered. Now it was agreed that, the refund amount will be recovered by stopping payment coming to my bank account from PF Organization.

However, another mistake was done by PF Organization that amount as per new PPO no.4089290 is Rs.1759/- monthly deposited in my bank account for the couple of months. Now after realizing the mistake again, I was informed that the recovery amount is gone up by Rs.74007/- details are mentioned in attached letter named 28.08.2014 received from PF Organization.

For all the mentally harassment and inconvenience caused to me for continuous mistake done by PF Organization, I am the only one who is suffering and not getting any amount for my living at this senior age.

Please, can you look into the matter as priority to get proper solution.

I look forward for your corrective action and sincere reply.

Jamwant Pandey


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