Pending Refund post trip cancellation by travel agency

I had booked Kailash Mansarovar Yatra with Muktinath Tour through Shrestha Holidays ( by paying Rs. 1,12,000/- on 3rd May, 2014 for a departure on 14th June. Back then, Tibet permits were not forthcoming for any travel operator. However, this was not communicated clearly to me stating they were still trying for the permits owing to which I proceeded to Kathmandu and they facilitated the Muktinath Tour. Thereafter, in discussion with them, I confirmed the date of 4th September, 2014 to commence the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra (Overland) as I was given to believe that the group already had 49 members and chances of trip cancellation were very remote. Now, a week back I was intimated that the Chinese Govt. has increased the permit charges by 297 USD for overland tours hence I would have to either bear the additional cost or go in for a Helicopter Tour at an Additional Cost of 58K for a trip from 8th Sept. I confirmed them forthwith that I would pay the additional cost of 297 $ if all yatris need to bear the same. However, the communique then changed, and they said that given the price hike, most other yatris had cancelled their trip given which, the only option left to me was to go for a helicopter trip at an additional 58,000 INR. While I told them that differential dates was not possible given work commitments, as well as my pre booked non refundable flight tickets and clearly asked them for a full refund and return of my original passport which lies with them should the trip not happen on the earlier discussed dates, there was been no revert to my mails or calls from their end despite repeated follow ups. I received the passport at a much later date post regular follow ups. Request your assistance on the same as the chain of events has been really disturbing. Am sure, others yatris would have faced the same. Owing to non receipt of my original passport, I was unable to book through other travel operators too. Kindly assist. Key person for Shrestha Holidays is Mr. R.K. Pradhan (9810024668) and I have been earlier interacting with his Mumbai associate (Mr. Deepak Chalke – (986731031/ 9320015561). I have already lost INR 25000 – non refundable flight tickets + travel insurance and there is no clarity on the refund of Rs. 87,000/- … Every time I follow up, they say that it is under process. In December, while it was to be received, I got a letter from Shrestha Holidays that the Organization was under financial distress but would process the refund shortly. In February, post regular follow ups and intimation of filing a police complaint, I got a revert to the mail that refund would be made in June 2015, the mail being worded hinting that the trip cancellation was at my end. Now, their Mumbai representative who met and collected the cheque from me initially is saying that he is not an employee of Shrestha Holidays and hence, helpless too. A discussion with a few other travellers has prompted me to believe that such detainment of refund is common practice for Mr. Pradhan & Shrestha Holidays and their monies were also refunded on serving a legal notice. am worried for my refund (leave aside the interest part). Kindly assist as this is a shockingly callous attitude on part of the travel agent that has left me at a loss for words and hence the need to seek recourse. Please note that all my interactions with the agent thus far have been professionally dignified despite the utter harassment dished out over the past months. I am reachable on 9029024535/ 40. Thanks

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