Hello, My name is Anshu Mishra. I am a reseller. The day before Yesterday I received a message from a person showing interest in my product which I posted in my Facebook page. That Person represent himself as Indian Army Canteen person. he wanted to buy ten pieces of jewelry. Total amount was 3120/- for 10 pieces of jewelry. When i asked him about Payment method he said he will make payment via gpay or paytm. Than he said he is going to make payment via his CSD Card and for that he asked me to send rs.5 to check first, then immediately i got rs. 10 Back from other gpay no. than he asked me to send me Rs.3120 then he will send me double of that amount. i was short on payment that time so i asked him if we can do partial payment he agreed then i made him a payment rs. 1500. which immediately got stuck according to him because the payment should be 3120. then next day he asked me to maintain rs. 2000 in my account but then he told me for 3000. then he asked me to transfer 3120 to him. but after some arguement he asked to transfer rs.1615. which i did. then he just stop talking and now my payment is stuck. I wasn’t expecting this kind of fraud in the name of Army Canteen. Please look in to the matter.
his canteen card details are
Vikas Patel
Adhar Card No. of vikas: 775519102141


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