FRAUD ! Manya Education Private Itd

Just like other consumers have put out complaints, I do have a similar experience!

I enrolled in Manya in 2019 and at the time of getting to know everything I told them I want to enroll for the GMAT course. So I joined the and it was priced at Rs.63000.

I initially thought it was for the entire program and that is to say including admission counseling. Here’s what happens :

So about the first week, they took 2 classes because I was in the weekend batch my classes were in the weekend. And after that, the Quant professor who was teaching me left the institution and the week which followed the Verbal professor left the institution. So I talked with the management and they didn’t give me any response. Later I got caught up with work and other classes which I was attending so I thought they will respond to me in a few days.MONTHS passed by no response.I contacted them again and they gave me link to online classes by make another additional payment of Rs.2000 because my account was idle and they said I needed to re-activate it !Then they told me I need to make additional Rs.35000 payment to do the classes again!!!.After fighting they finally gave me the classes for free which I deserve because in-person classes which I paid for were not taken for me,Online classes were the least they could do after paying Rs.60000

The online classes were about 7- 8 classes per section and they were SATISFACTORY.I paid for GMAT+IELTS.No IELTS coaching was done. and so I just wondered why they charged me so much!

The bill had the following details :

GRE full MS Package Rs33,000

I have no idea whats GRE and when I enquired they said it’s part of the application fee and admission counseling. They did give me a contact and she edited my SOP for maybe a day. They charged Rs.33000 for that !.

I never knew institutions could be this cunning and misguide students after paying off hard-earned pocket. There was no guidance nor any counseling provided.


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