Pathetic Service Tikona

I have a connection in south Delhi and my user id is 1111976554, I took connection in December 2014. For first two months, I thought problems related to non coverage of internet will solve but then service got worst and worst. Then I decided to call centre and from then I have called up almost 50 times and raised as many as 30 complaints with numbers. Everythime they say some engineer will come but there has been no visit, now I want to know hat is the status nobody is ready to tell. Everytime I call they say that dont worry you will get waive but I want to ask waiver is applicable when service is available properly and not when there is frequent service problem. I want to go for legal action against this company and want Govt to take serous action against this company as they are so casual with complaints that there has been no response from email of appellate authority.

TRAI pease take action this company and others please do not go for TIKONA AT ALL believe me

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