Pathetic refund service of Vistara

I had done a booking with Vistara on 3rd October 2020 from Patna to Bangalore. After receiving the confimation of the booked ticket, I noticed the name is incorrect. Immediately I contacted the customer executive of Vistara. After narrating the complete incident, I asked for a refund as anyhow I had to re-book the ticket for the next day. The executive confirmed that the ticket is cancelled from his end and I can re-book the ticket now. He also confirmed that INR 1000 would be deducted and rest would be refunded back out of INR 8293 (against PNR- SPSQLX) within 7 to 10 days. Since I didn’t received any e-mail/message for ticket cancellation/ refund, I called the airlines again the same night. This time another executive confirmed that since this is a customized refund request for you so we haven’t sent any confirmation mail regarding the same but the ticket is cancelled and as conveyed earlier refund would be received in 7-10 days. After 10 days when I didn’t receive the refund, I called again. And this time I got to know that the refund request wasn’t processed for approval. The guy said I had to provide the new PNR after re-booking and it had to be provided the same day. This is how their refund service works- taking the consumer round and round and constantly consoling with wrong assurance. Then I provided the required details to him and it’s been another 10 days today and still my refund of Rs. 7293 is not received. After calling multiple times and taking the follow up, I am still left waiting for my own money.


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