Passport not received and no status update received

Location/place: Ghaziabad

Name of company/service: Ghaziabad Passport Office


TI have applied for the passport on 29th March 2012 with Application number – A023750 as I got married and my surname got changed, However whenever I login to the website – “” to track my application status I am seeing the below comment from past 30 days.

Police report has not been received”

However I have checked with my Local police station (Link Road – Ghaziabad) and they have submitted the clearance report on 24th April’2012 and has the receiving with them for the same. My previous passport number is issued from Delhi and was valid till Year 2012.

Can someone justify and explain what’s the issue is and why the passport is delayed so long….just for a simple name change request?L

Looking forward for your support in the above regard.

Meenu Sharma


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