Mobile phone amount not refunded

Location/place: Hubli

Name of company/service: Napptol

I had purchased a HTC diamond cdma hand set cost is 6400 they also deliverer the hand set this hand set which doesn’t works in India it is a U.S handset so when i called they told me to send back the hand set so i had sent it on 19-feb -2011 and i also got call confirmation on 25-feb-2011 that they have received the hand set after when i call they told me money will be refunded back with 21 working days , since i am following up now they are telling they haven’t received the hand set now they are telling Infinate global who is the vendor for napptol will refund and the vendor is telling that the napptol people will refund there is clear picture because once they are telling about the refund and next time when i call they are tell they haven’t received i am totally confused and past from 15 days they are telling that there vendor will call me i haven’t got any call from them, so kindly suggest what should i do,

Thank u


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