Location/place: MUMBAI

Name of company/service: KINGFISHER AIRLINES

I booked my ticket from Mumbai to Hyderabad with Kingfisher Airlines, which was scheduled on 05th May & my flight time was 6:20am. The cost of the ticket was Rs. 3387.00. I reached at the Airport at 5:30 am. At Airport I waited in the long queue for check-in and for collecting my Boarding Pass. After sometime, while I was in the queue, I was told by Kingfisher Staff that the counter is closed & that I am late by 5 minutes and they can’t accommodate me on the flight for which I have already booked my ticket. Surprisingly I was not the only flyer having this problem. There were other passengers flying to kolkata, Chennai & also Hyderbad who were facing the same problem. The manager Mr. Jeffrey was at the counter & inspite of numerous requests, he said that nothing can be done as the counters were closed. In fact there were atleast 15 to 20 passengers in the queue, who had to suffer the same fate. They told me that they will re-accommodate me in another flight which will depart in the evening and that will cost me additional Rs.12000/-. The staffs were very adamant and refused to cooperate. When I asked for refund, I was told that this was case of ‘NO SHOW’ & full refund may not be possible & asked me to speak to my agent regarding the refund. I was informed by my booking agent that only Rs. 1000.00 can be refunded out of Rs. 3387.00. I think this is clearly a case of cheating as Kingfisher has done OVERBOOKING and are forcefully blocking people like me and compel them to buy another ticket at a higher price or deducting money from the refund amount. I think they are making fast money by using these kind of tactics. I demand a FULL REFUND back with the loss that I suffered and harassment I faced to catch this flight.
Name : Gurudatta Jambavalikar
Airline Name : KINGFISHER
Flight Number : IT-161
Airline Reservation Code : FESTMD
Ticket Number : 1756197451
Departure Date : 05th May
Departure Time : 06:20 AM
Address : Chembur, Mumbai
Email Address : [email protected]


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