Not Exchanging the good and Returning the money after deducting 2% as per there Policy.

Location/place: Nerul, Navi Mumbai

Name of company/service: D-Mart

I had purchased a Short Fancycargo Men (Wrist size 34 Inch) for Rs.399 from D-Mart, Sector-21, Nerul on 11/06/2012. When I took home it was not fitting to me hence I went to get it exchanged. But Customer Care person sitting on the counter, he first asked me the question you didn’t tried on check on Trial Room. I said no… then I told that get me exchanged to 36 Inch… the person told as per our policy we don’t exchange the goods. He then told that we return the money for the goods after deducting 2% (ie. Rs.8/-) as per our Policy and showed me the Board where they had put the policy. I was against the deduction which they where doing… then I told the person you give me in writting that you are deducting 2% or give me receipt which they take from there system for returning the goods. He told me he has not authorised to give in writting or give receipt for returning the goods. Then we called the Manager to speak with me, he also said the same and he added they are deducting the service tax for using the Debit Card.

In there receipt they have mentioned :
“Above prices are inclusive of all duties, taxes and levies, as may be applicable for sale of the above said products as per the governing Acts and Rules prescribed by the respective Central and State Government authorities.”

If they are mentioning the above proces are inclusive of taxes and they are charging me for returning the goods (I was ready to get it exchange, they were not ready for Same as per there Policy).


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