Noone to hear complaints


This is in regards to my CREDIT CARD 5289455004309800 which I have lost long back and since then I have given multiple request for re issue of card but noone there to listen to complaints,

I have lost card after which I have blocked card and applied for reissue of card which is pending since May 2013, which is almost 1 year 10 months as on date, During this 2 years I have got multiple calls for making payment and without denying for making payment i have been making payment, infact I used go make payment more then whatever I have been told to make.

What is annoying is that after every 2 months I get call from collection team and everytime there is new person to whom I have to explain everything, and after all reply I get is that he cnt do anything as he is SUPPOSED TO DO ONLY COLLECTION and not at all responsible for any other thing & I have to co ordinate with customer service team only, which inturn is not ready to see my records as its been very old case.

I have been following up with many people in HDFC, over call and mails( few mails are attached for references) but all HDFC want is money, which I am ready to pay in return I am just asking them to give me in writing that after paying amount what is guaranty of reissue of card, which no one ready to provide, every team is blaming it on another team.

In my recent interactions I have spoken to Salman Merchant from Collection team who told me make payment and drop in required documents to nearest ATM center, which I wasnt able to do it and its my mistake I do accept that, Salman Sent guy for recovery at my communication address, without even calling me for payment. After Salman I have spokem to Jaimil, again from collection department who again told me to pay minimum due and follow process and he will help me in getting card, but after making payment I tried getting in touch with Jaimil who was not coming online, I informed Ramesh gupta, guy from his collection agency who inturn informed Jaimil also to give me call but he didnt called me because I had made payment and now I am of no use for him. As informed by him I had dropped duly filled form to HDFC ATM located at sakinaka junction on december 9th 2014.

After month or two I again got call from Jaimil and when I asked him about resolution of my problem he was just telling me to pay, I told him to give me on mail or in writing that after paying 50% of dues and following all process I will
get my card within 1 month ( ideally process is of 7 days ) he said he will get back to me.

After month without any call for payment HDFC sent person to my place for recovery & then I spoke to Mr. anjani Mishra from collection Department, who I think doesnt even know how to talk to customer? who dont even know what is customer service? He even called me from non recorded lines and spoke to me rudely in raised voice, he even said that ” I dont fucking care if you are getting your card back or not, what I care is your payment ” I informed Anjani mishra that give me in writing that if I make 50% payment, and courier dully filled form to HDFC chennai office I will get my credit card within month of time, which he said he cant give and I have to call on customercare. On calling customercare I got reply that, they cant give me anything in writing. Few more calls from collection guy Anjani Mishra and I have made payment of over due amount on my card which was 6200/- on 5th March 2015, same day I got my salary in my HDFC account which Bank has put on hold without even intimating me, on calling on customercare got to know that it has been put on hold my creditcard department, which inturn blamed collection department for putting funds on hold and provided me with nos which no one was answering. According to customercare they have halfday on saturday so no one will be there to answer my calls. on Insisting to speak to his superior, agent on customercare informed me that since its saturday his seniors is also on half day and he cant help it.

After that I been trying to call nos provided but on one is answering calls on nos provided.

Moreover I got legal notice on mail after making payment also, to which I replyed and spoke to lady who sent me legal notice but she doesnt know anything she just sent me notice because she was informed to do so,

Approached HDFC through Social media also, who informed me that someone will get in touch with me

Today morning dated, 12th March I got to know from customercare that, My card has been permanently closed again there was no intimation for same.

This has been long fight with bank for something which they should provide me with, but there is NOONE TO ANSWER THIS, ALL THEY WANT IS MONEY WHICH I AM READY TO PAY.


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