Nonadherence to warranty/ Demanding Money for repair during Warranty

Hon’ble Sir/Madam
On 18th November,2008,I had purchased one Samsung mobile E250 by paying Rs. 4100/=From M/s Rahul Traders, 3208, Mohindra Park, Rani Bagh, Near Fountain chowk,Delhi-110034.In June’09 my mobile was not charging properly.On 13th June,2009 nothing was visible on screen and on 14th,June,2009, I send it to M/s Rahul Traders, 3208, Mohindra Park, Rani Bagh, Near Fountain chowk,Delhi-110034 who is also running authorised service station of the Samsung Company for repair. The service Engineer told my brother in law who took this phone foe repair that only charging pin point is broken and that is not covered in warranty and gave us estimation of Rs.350/=. Being a nominal amount I agreed to pay it in spite of due warranty, But when I inquired after 3 4 days, I was informed that the sets is to be for send for repair at their higher service station will be back within 3/4 days. After 3/4 days when i inquired the product did not come back to them and asked my husband to wait for another3/4 days. This trend continue
and on 11th July,2009 the product was back and the service engineer tried to fix the charging pin for one hour and lastly ending up in saying that it again has to send be to higher service station. He asked me to come on wednessday15th July’09. On wednessday, again I was told to come after 3/4 days,
On Sunday,19th July 2009, My Husband was told that the mother board of mobile is damaged due to breakage in charging pins of the said mobile and does not come under warranty and estimate cost is Rs.3800/=for repairing it. seeing the estimate equal to prodct cost he took back the mobile from M/s Rahul Traders.
Hon’ble Sir,Is’nt it surprising that It took 1 month and 8 days for the company engineer to hold me responsible for demaging my mobile pins and subasequently mother board. Further is it not the companys responsibility to provide good charging pin point to the custmers who have no other option but to trust company credentials

I am deeply heart by denial of gurranty period to me which is still valid till 17/11/2009.
I would request to do justice to me
Yours fithfully

Neelam Malik
wz 1402, RaniBagh
Near MCD School
Mobile no,9868813735
Land Line 47009309
Email:[email protected]

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