non-renewal of policy

Location/place: Palghar,Thane

Name of company/service: New India Assurance Co. Ltd./Mediclaim Policy

My Mediclaim policy No.112800/34/09/11/00002722 taken from New India Assurance Co. for the period 27.7.2009 to 26.7.2010 expired on 27.7.2010.
New India Assurance Co. did not send me the reminder to get the policy renewed.
I was ill & on bed rest for the period 15.7.2010 to 28.7.2010 due to dieses of urine infection. Hence I forgot to renew the policy on my own without reminder of New India Assurance Co.
As per advise of my agent on 8.8.2010, I submitted request application with all medical reports as a proof of my illness to Division Office of New India Assurance Co. at Fort ,Mumbai on 9.8.2010 i.e. on 14th day after renewal date through my agent Mr. Dalvi.
IRDA’s circular No.52/15/IRDA/Health/SN/08-09 dt.31.3.2009 clearly says that 15 days delay should be condoned in renewal of policies from renewal date. Division officer Mr. Bhat should have acknowledged my application for renewal as per this circular but did not acknowledge my application on 9.8.2010 i.e.14th day from renewal. These responsible officers must have knowledge of IRDA’s circular. I think they do not have. Otherwise they would have acknowledged my application & renewed my policy.
Even though I did not get upset because my agent told me that Regional Officer has given him a form called ‘ Mediclaim –Break In Insurance –Approval Format.’ To get it approved from Divisional Officer. He also said that the delay in renewal can de accepted for thirty days. In this form it is clearly printed that Regional Officer’s limit is 30 days. Mr. Sopan Pawar , the Development Officer made remark on this form that the break in period is 20 days & Party forgot to renew the policy due to illness. The Divisional Officer should have sent this form to Regional Officer with his remarks. But he did not do that.
The Division officers have ignored IRDA’s circular as well as Regional officer’s authority.
8.When asked by Mumbai Grahak Panchayat’s officers Mr.Avadhane, Mr.Bhat put blame on agent & development officer for not reminding the renewal date to insurer. He told that Company is giving them lot of commission & giving them the list of policies to be renewed . He also told that you can lodge the complaint against them.
9.As Per IRDA’s circular there should be clause in the terms & conditions attached to the policy that 15 days delay shuld be be condoned .But the company has not that clause on the form of term & conditions. If that clause was there I would have personally renewed policy on the 14th day when I submit my application for renewal through my agent.
I am lower middle class person. My wife & myself are 50 plus in age. We will not get now fresh mediclaim policy from anybody due to Medical Rules. Our joined policy was for 1,00,000 each . We have got Rs.15,000/- as bonus for not claiming the expenses for three years. Hence my loss will be Rs.2,30,000/-,which is very very high. Our future in old age will be miserable if we get diesess.
I have explained you all the truth . Kindly give me justice. I hope you will do that.

Thaking you,

Yours Faithfully,
Ravindra Bhuvanesh Kirtane
( E mail : [email protected])
Mobile 9890104710


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  1. The insurer’s complaint is genuine.He should get justice

  2. Harshraj Vartak Avatar
    Harshraj Vartak

    Appa..did you get any updates from the insurer on this matter. How such a renowned company can behave with their customers recklessly?

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