Non refund of money Service charges

Location/place: Chennai

Name of company/service: Apex Online Services Ltd

Subject : Request for refund of RS 25000/- from Apex Online services pvt limited, Tricy/ Chennai. Registration No 0080/TN/PER/300/111/2/7900/2007
I have applied for a position of Medical Director in Maldives through Apex on Line Services, Trichy, [email protected], in month of November 2011 for which I was asked Rs 1,00,000/- as total charges .( Attached as Acceptance MD letter).
I was given work permit on 29th Feb 2012 and work visa denied as the offer letter given by South Central Health Services Corporation ( letter attached )becomes invalid and it was dissolved .I had confirmed air-ticket from Bhopal to Male for 8th March 2012 ,which I had to reschedule three times and finally got it canceled as work visa never arrived despite repeated assurances given by agency chairperson Mr. PM Thyco. I was informed by local Maldives agent that my offer is being cancelled due to some problems in Ministry. Meanwhile , I transferred total of Rs 45000/- to agency on as on 3rd March 2012.( State Bank of India letter attached )
Now ,when I asked agency to refund the amount they refunded only 20000/- and now says that I have to give a cancelation letter to get remaining refund though I still wanted to go and requested them that I will again give money when work visa will arrive but I can not wait for more months now as I am relieved from my job. I am repeatedly calling them either to give refund or send me work visa/offer letter but not received till now. Now they stopped responding to my calls, email and SMS.
It is kindly requested that strict action should be taken against agency and given instructions to refund me the Rs 25000/- plus 3500/- towards refund of rescheduling and cancelation charges of air tickets.
Look forward to an early favorable response and thanking you in mean while.
Please find attached the relevant documents and more mails and transfer evidence can be forwarded.
Thanks and regards !
Dr Neeraj Bedi, B 104 Chinar Woodland Chuna Bhatti Kolar Road, Bhopal , M.P.
Mobile -9425607211 —————— Attached herewith offer letter, work permit air tickets, money deposit slip SBI , mail showing denial of offer, agreement letter.


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