Illegally Taken Possesion On my Land and running business without my permission

Location/place: West Bengal/North

Name of company/service: MBF Brick field

Subject: Illegally taken possession on my land and running business without land owner permission.
1. Local Business Man running brick production business on my land without my permission.
I have cased a file against them; The High Court Have ordered them to reform the land and stop the business immediately.
All the process was through Government departments, Like ,B.D.O.Collector,Court ordered them to take necessary actions, but there was no action taken against them, I have all the documents prove ,tax receipt, and court order, I am a widow and have no son except a grandson, I cannot fight against them and have no one else to stand for me. I hear from local peoples and the brick field labor’s that that the owner has bribed the officials and trying to neglect the Court order. Please stand for me; I have great expectation with you.
Please see this matter seriously. I have all the legal documents and court orders for me. Please stand by me.
Please Contack me-8436430234/9732725229.


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