Non Filing of CNG

Location/place: kanpur, Uttar pradesh, India

Name of company/service: maruti suzuki

Dear One,
I have purchased maruti zen estilo on 31st december,2010, alongwith company fitted CNG Kit.
I paid a huge amount to the company for the CNG version just to avoid complications or any danger for using the CNG Car.
Basic problem faced by me that the CNG cant be filled at all the filling stations, as the filling stations staff says they don’t have the fittings/nozzles to be fitted in your car.
there are only two pumps in the kanpur from where i get this filling facility and both the pumps are about 7-8 kms from my home, the cylinder capacity is also not so large to fill it for once.
i m facing this problem and uselessly drive 15-16 kms (i.e. loss/waist of almost a Kg of CNG on every filling) for this purpose.
you are requested to make arrangement at the pumps so that filling can be done at the nearest pump. At the time of buying this car i was told that you are having the cng pump within 1km from your home, it is true, but the cng cant be filled at this station and other stations near by my home with the same nozzle problem.


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