Change of offers without intimation and unfriendly response from cutomercare

Location/place: Banglore

Name of company/service: Reliance Telecom


I have been using reliance cdma connetion with number 09348802346 since 5 years and was a loyal customer to the company. One year back i moved to banglore and was still using the same number. I was reliance Rs 39 sms pack even after coming to banglore as it has the offer of no roaming charges on sms. Since this february my balance is being depleted at a large rate(about 20 per day), initially i thought may be i was receiving calls because of which it is being depleted. But 4 days back i found out that it was due to the sms pack as it is charging me at normal msg rates. I called the customer care a number of times and they have been saying that some application is down and asked me to call after an hour. This went on for a comeplete day(after calling them every hour) finally they took my complaint and gave the number as 148105961. After 12hrs i got a msg saying that my problem is resolved but thing werent changed(i was again charged at the same rate). Same thing continued i called the whole day and finally lodged another complaint 148150862. This time i got reply after 24hrs and the problem yet persisted, without returning my balance. When i called the customer care again the person told me that the offer has been changed and its my fault for not checking my balance in the intial days. How can the customer know about the change in tariffs when the company is deducting the balance for the renewal of the offer even before consulting the customer? Even after renewal of the offer the company just sends a msg that offer is activated without any details.
Now when i again call the customer care to confirm the issue the new person told that the offer is existing and i have made calls at that time.

Now i have lost about Rs.200 of my balance and a large amount of my time on calling the customer care to get some false or distorted information. Please look into this issue and help me to get my deducted balance back.

Date:March 2, 2011

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