Non Availability Of a Part Of Projection T.V.

Ipurchased a projection t.v.[model-L.G. CTV RT 44NA43RP SERIAL NO.CH8-408IL000751IN]for rs.85,000/ on25.09.2004 from sahu agencies lucknow.In January my t.v. stopped working so i lodged a complaint on L.G. customer care.The t.v. engineers came to repair it on 27th january and took the t.v. set to their workshop and after 2 months in MARCH they contact us and say that one the part is defective and cannot be repaired as its not available anymore.The t.v. set is still lying in the service station and they are behaving very rudely with us saying to your set back otherwise they are not responsible if any further damage happens to the t.v. set.I have already sent a registered complaint to the L.G. HEADOFFICE IN NOIDA. but in vain.At the time of purchase they didnt inform us that only after 3and a half years they will stop manufacturing its spare parts .Kindly look into the matter and help us.


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