Nokia N97 Problem

Location/place: Yamuna Nagar

Name of company/service: Nokia

Dear Sir, I purchased a Nokia N97 set from Yamuna Nagar (Haryana). It is under the warranty period of 1 year. The set is giving problems like getting switched off automatically and sometimes it gets switched off whenever I recieve a call or try to call someone. When it started giving this error, I went to the Nokia Care Center and they told me to get the software updated. But nothing happened. The set was still giving the same problem. There must be some problem with the hardware of the set. I submitted the set to Nokia Care Center and has passed more than 1 month. They send it to delhi but now they are not telling what is the problem and at what time they will provide me the set. I want a new set as the replacement of my original brand new Nokia N97. I purchased such a costly set and the company and Nokia Care Center are not providing any solution to my problem. It really a shame on part of Nokia that the customers are facing such problems. I want a new Nokia N97 set as the replacement for my set.

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