Cerdit Card /Saving account

Location/place: Gurgaon

Name of company/service: HDFC Bank


My HDFC Bank amount no 05891140025170 and 01681050103480 access has been blocked

I am paying continuously installment as per the define dates. I held up three installment due to i requested several times to customer care to send my entire payments details of my credit card, because I feel that I had paid all dues of card.

This my right to get all information of my payment which you fail to provide me after several reminder.

Request you please do need full action for same. I am ready to pay all dues of my credit card but I require statement month wise.

I am ready to pay all dues but They were adding late fine on dues .I do not undersatnd the working styl of HDFC Bank

I very much disappoint from credit cards and I do not understand why they deny to provide my credit card statement.

I need clarification regards to this

Ravi Bhushan


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