Nodal Desk is not responding

Location/place: Hyderabad

Name of company/service: Vodafone


This is Mohd.Nafees Qamar with the mobile number 9703973070. On
24th June my balance has been deducted from my account.It was nearly
20 Rs. I have called to the customer care but they are not ready to
listen my words. Iam asking to transfer the call to supervisor but
they are disconnecting the call. So i am calling to 9885298852 (8300)
since 4 days.But no one is lifting the call. If you are unable to help
the customer then why u have kept nodal office desk, Appellate desk or
Customer care. Just shut down all the offices. I have called nearly 50
times to 9885298852 but of no use. I have been charged unnecessarily.

I want the explanation for this from Mr Anirudh Joshi and Shashi
Menon. I should get a call back from Operations Manager of Customer
Care to my number 9700061010.The agents who have disconnected my call
should be terminated from their services and i should get all the
documentation to my mail that they have been terminated from their
services.My balance should be refunded and what ever the services has
been activated it should be deactivated. If iam not getting the
response with in 24 hrs iam going to come to vodafone head office and
iam ready to spend the money to sue vodafone and first source who is
handling the customer care. I need the compensation for
that.Previously also i got the same issue and it took 30 days to solve
the issue and iam facing the same issue and iam not going to leave
this time. I should get a call from all the peoples who i have
mentioned. Iam going to take this issue to TRAI,Consumer Court.

You should call me to 9700061010 and not to that number. Hope you
will have delight full resolution.

Mohd.Nafees Qamar


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