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I ordered a dressy kurta pajama set from Rajasthani Store (now Goodbells) in July 2009. I included my measurements in order to have the perfect fit. I shocked and appalled when I received the item. It was nothing like the beautiful item pictured, but clearly an imitation.

The fabrics used were cheap synthetic blends, the patterns were different, the stitching was off; in other words, it was a cheap, poorly made knockoff with only passing resemblance to the product shown.

Moreover, the garment was incorrectly sized and too large. I immediately e-mailed them in less than 24 hours with my complaints, including the pictures I had taken providing clear photographic evidence. Gaurav Pandey approved the return and told me he would perform the necessary alterations so it would fit correctly and be to my liking.

I shipped back the kurta at my own expense ($33.50) on August 27. RajasthaniStore claimed they never received my package for weeks, so I made a formal inquiry with the US Postal Department and tracked the package down. I scanned a copy of this letter and they could no longer deny the parcel was in India in November of that year.

I was told the necessary alterations were being made, but that the final product was still not going to be like what was pictured due to limitations in their alteration abilities. I had instructed them not to send me the package without my prior approval so I could make sure everything was to my liking. I did not hear from them in weeks and the event that I had ordered the outfit for had passed, so I requested a full refund.

In January 2010, while I was away on vacation and away from my e-mail, they suddenly contacted me and said I had 3 hours to respond or they would reship the package (keep in mind our time zones are 10hrs apart).

As I was away, I could neither respond to the e-mail NOR receive the parcel when it arrived and so the package was returned to the sender in India. After five more months of arguing over e-mail and dealing with four different people, they offered to reimburse me for a mere 34% of what I paid. They subtracted a 10% restocking fee ($15), $20 fee for alteration (which was to be FREE as it was their mistake), and then BS “import charges” of $79 for the SECOND return shipping back to India because I could not accept the parcel.

The only reason I felt confident placing an order was their heavily advertised “Easiest Return Policy – Free Return, Free Pickup” which they DID NOT HONOR. Instead I had a horrible experience which lasted 9 months and did not receive a penny back.

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