Location/place: Bhavnagar

Name of company/service: Air tel

Respected Sir,

I hold Airtel Mobile Post paid connection No. 7600025592 and same was used by my wife since long. I have to inform you that I was very much shocked when I saw mobile bill for May-2012. We have never utilized net facility but bill shows Rs.5000/- appro. I have frequently contact and complain to customer care and local office of Air tel, but I have not got satisfactorily reply. I requested them to verify my mobile bills since utilization of mobile, I am paying minimum amount of bill of the scheme. I request company to verify bill again and inform if there is any system error? I again inform that my wife has never used net facility over her mobile. Please do needful and oblige. I am agree to pay minimum bill which was paying since long. Please justify.




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