Microwave oven

Location/place: Lucknow

Name of company/service: whirlpool

The Managing Director Date: – 14.09.2012
Whirlpool India

I am a regular consumer of the product of “Whirlpool” and in the same connection & have purchased a microwave oven convection model of 25 liters capacity on 25.01.2011but I am sorry to say that I am suffering from a bitter experience this time and want to draw your kind attention towards the absurd, negligent and ignorable and irresponsible behavior of service center staff situated at Lucknow. Irrespective of giving the proper servicing they have neither given the proper demonstration nor attended the complaints properly. Their job knowledge is of such type that after checking for repair (repairing has not been done) certain new problems of short circuit and earthen problems has been developed.
I have made several complaints on16.08.2012 & 28.08.2012- Complaint No. LK0812005838, LK0812010944 respectively and after continuous request of several time when the staff responsible for providing services visited at site then instated of repairing and removing the problem they have demanded a sum of Rs. 850.00 with this plea that some relevant parts (magnetron etc.) are not working and irreparable.
It is remarkable to mention here that said oven lies within the warranty period & your help line complaint staff has assured me for the replacement of faulty part (magnetron) free of cost as there is warranty of two years on the magnetron, even then the problem has not been removed till now even after expiry of fifteen days.
Kindly do the needful in this respect and instruct your staff to adopt appropriate work culture in lack of which the image of your well reputed company will tarnish
Thanking You
Raju Arora
Mob No 09044284852
9/305 Sector – 9
Jankipuram Extention, Lucknow. (Res. Phone No 05226537040)

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