Medi Assist TPA – Cheeting Customers

Location/place: Kochi

Name of company/service: Souriau India Pvt Ltd

My claim for my Mother has been rejected by Mediassist TPA by saying the following reason.

My Mother has been hospitalized ( Malabar Institute of Medical Sciences-MIMS-Kozhikode) due to heavy disorder with diabetics and physical fitness, digestion problem etc..

Reason:-Supraventicular ventricular ectopics with Panic attack – admitted only for Investigation and test done are all within normal limits and current scenarioa is more likely due to psychosomatic rather than cardiac. Hence Claim denied under 4.10 and 4.8

Reason for rejection BY Medi assist India TPA ( Bangalore)

AS per discharge summary the insured is admitted to hospital for Supraventicular ventricular ectopics with Panic attack. As per records it is noticed that only Investigations done with out any active line of treatment during the period of hospitalization and test done are all within normal limits and current scenarioa is more likely due to psychosomatic rather than cardiac. All Investigations are day care procedures can be done on OPD basis and only oral medications are advised during admission period as symptomatic treatment. Hence claim stands repudiated under the Op Clause and 4.10 and 4.8 of the policy. We also reserve the right to repudiate the claim under any other ground/s available to us subsequently.

Objection against the rejection is given below –:

There is a mental aspect to every physical disease. How we react to
and cope with disease varies greatly from person to person.

For example, the rash of psoriasis may not bother some people very
much. However, the rash covering the same parts of the body in someone
else may make them feel depressed and more ill.

These are attitudes of persons cannot say that to psychosomatic disorder.


My mother doesn’t have psychosomatic disorder . but Of course she is having some anxiety about her health condition and disease. And I think it is normal of all person who crosses above the age of 65 yrs and are not physically well.

If any one who is very tried and feel very fatigued than usual days , what we will do normal, we will hospitalize the person, I also did the same with regarding my mother,

if she doesn’t took to much medicine means or drugs from hospital means she got some better health due to doctors care and also due to hospitality.

But that does mean that due to psychosomatic disorder she has admitted in hospital , and so you can reject the claim of patient.

If psychosomatic disorder should be claimed by psychiatrist/or doctor from the same hospital then you can reject the claim. otherwise how you can 100% predict the same.


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  1. Medi Assist is one of the most shameful TPA company that operates around in the country. They blatantly violates all the SLAs they tell to the customer. I have a private insurance (non-corporate) so Medi Assist understands I have the least leverage with them. I opened up two tickets 5556189 and 5721439 with them and never received any response for their resolution even after multiple follow ups and calls with customer care for more than a month. They might reply in response to this review that we will address the issue but finally they never do it.

    It is a company which is trying to maintain social media reputation by providing false responses. The real aim of the company is to reduce the claim approval to as minimum as possible so that they can make maximum commission from their respective insurance company clients. My suggestion to all private insurers and corporate HR teams is to never select Medi Assist as TPA agent. Reject such insurance company offers.

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