manufacturing defect in product

HI Team, This is the second time i am seeking a support from you people. This time it is regarding a Mobile phone HTC1 M7 which i have purchased on 10/03/2013. the phone worked perfectly fine for 6 to 7 months and then i started facing the problem from the camera. when i click any picture in dark light the output image is purple tinted. I did some research in the HTC forums for india as well as united stated and then i came to know that it is a manufacturing defect of HTC one M7 in united states HTC had replaced many handsets regarding this. I am not asking for the system replacement from HTC i have deposited the handset at the service center on 4th march 2014 since then they are not providing me any concrete information. no one is picking up the call at svc center. i have mailed HTC escalations team on 5th march regarding the issue unfortunately i dint get any response from them. today i called the toll free number and as per them they are unable to establish any contact with svc center and they are asking me to wait for 48 hrs. actually the dispute is for the back panel, the back panel is giving minor shocks and also the Logo which is integral part of the back cover is also not there as per the Representative Mr. Alston i have to wait for 48 hrs. I am already waiting from past 5 days how long i have to wait. please help i have paid 41500 rs for the handset and i am getting this kind of improper response from them. HTC complaint number is 15INA100008480


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