Mahindra Rodeo – Very Very Poor Mileage

Location/place: visakhapatnam

Name of company/service: Mahindra & Mahindra

Not knowing how to take my issue forward I am writing to this forum.

This is in regards to Mahindra Rodeo two wheeler. I have bought Mahindra Rodeo 10 months back. The issue is regarding very less mileage. When I first went to the showroom, they said they mileage under company test conditions is around 50 kmpl (Helpline people claim 45-50) and on general road conditions it should be somewhere around 45 plus kmpl. I was impressed with the mileage and bought the bike. After I bought the bike I again asked about mileage they said it will come somewhere around 40-45, I had no problem then. After using the bike, I checked the mileage myself in the first month. I was shocked to find out that the mileage is very very less, it was just 25 km per 100 rs. I went to them and asked them about this. They said after first service everything will be okay, but things did not change. After my first service also, the mileage was very less. I checked after each service and I was complaining to them again and again. Every time I complained, they used to do a test ride and then fine tuned it and gave back to me. After three services, the mileage, which I got was 28.8. I did not give up, I shot a letter to the company based in Pune under the guidance of National Consumer Helpline. I called up NCH for help and they asked me to write a letter to the company describing my issue. Company representative talked to me and again took the bike for test drive for mileage. This time they changed the carburetor and the mileage went up to 34, but far less than what they promised. I again complained to them. They again tested it and said, “this is maximum mileage and we have done everything that we can do,” and they left me for suffering.

I felt cheated and deceived by the company. I never thought that company like Mahindra would do such a thing to me. There is a lot of difference between the mileage they promised at the time of purchase and the real mileage. I want justice but do not know whom to approach, so I am writing to this forum. I hope somebody will take up this issue and help many people who get cheated because of false claims and promises made by companies. At least, other people don’t get cheated like me.

Thanks and regards,
Ravi Shankar Patro
0891-2738537, 6452942

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