Location/place: Prabhadevi, Mumbai

Name of company/service: Kenstar

A Kenstar Cooler was purchased from VIJAY SALES on 27/04/2010.
On receipt of the item, we experienced that though it had a QC OK Label, the Water level indicator was NOT working. Also as instructed by the Sales person of Vijay Sales we added water and Iced water and started the cooler; there was no Cooling at all , in fact it was only an Air Blower and no better than a fan!
We lodged a Complaint and the service person noticed that the waterlevel indicator was not connected , and ALSO the Pipe from the water pump was not Connected !! This is the state of a QC Okayed piece.The fault was rectified , but when we used it again that night we found that the water is not circulating ??(the tecnician had explained that he has connected the pipe and how the water circulates now due to watercirculation we will get cooling effect; this was NOT explained by Vijay Sales NOR explained in the Owner’s Manual).We comlained immediately again but even after 2 days no one has reported so far.
If service is not prompt, then it makes no sense getting the appliance purchased mainly for the Summer rectified after the summer is over and find again that it is not working properly.
Also we expect at least some cooling from the Cooler ( better than a Fan , when we follow the guidelines given by the Company). Paying such a high price and using it as a Fan/Blower is ridiculous. We expect Good Performance from a reputed organisation as Videocon(Kenstar).
I strongly suspect that there is a Manufacturing Quality/Design fault in the appliance (water pipe/water level indicator), or else it would not breakdown immediately after purchase and then even after rectification by their authorised service company personnel.
We solicit immediate Replacement/proper rectification so that it serves the desired purpose of COOLING without frequent breakdowns.
With 2 years Warranty, we expect the appliance to at least work properly(give required cooling) for the said Warranty period.


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