LG 26LE5300-

Location/place: Hyderabed

Name of company/service: LG LED TV – LE5300

Dear Sir,

I am Ukesh Jayaraman from Hyderabad a loyal LG customer. Recently I made up mind to purchase only LED and i walked dow to the LG dealer (PCH – Kukatpally, Hyderabad). As soon as I am in the shop I set the expectation to the shop keeper and executives that I am interested to purchase only LED and not LCD. I was told LG 26LE5300 is the LED and I end my in purchasing this model keeping in mind this is LED. The LED sticker at the bottom left misguided consumer and it helps the shop keeper to even boost their sales stating this is LED.

I am not the only consumer is misguided but many so to say. I am really surprised to see how a brand like LG can print sticker as LED and no sign of LCD printed.

My queries:

1) Is LG expects consumers to knowledgable on latest technology to purchase LED / LCD tvs?
2) Is this not LG or Dealer’s responsibility to educate consumer on the difference between these tvs especially when a customer is expecting to buy a LED, no one took steps to explain the difference.
3) Is LG and Dealer expects all consumers to be educated?
4) Is LG’s marketting strategy is to print fake stickers and display on it on a TV?
5) Is LG or its dealer’s expect consumer to read through the manual before buying the tv? Or is it been provided to the consumer? Are Dealer’s educated by LG when they have such marketting strategy are they are aware of appraise the technology of TV?

I would like to raise this concern as this marketting strategy will facilitate LG and its Dealers to misguide, mismerize with this fake ads and sell LCD Tvs as LEDs.

I kindly request responsible officials from LG customer care should involve and find solution for this concern.I am worried how many more consumers are goign to be cheated. I request solution for not just my issue but also take this strong feedback in changing the printed stickers, all marketting materials.

Bill Details:
Dealer Name:PCH Retail Ltd., kukatpally, hyderabad
Model Purchased: LG 26LE5300

My contact details:
Name: Ukesh Jayaraman
Cell# 991274331

Note: If no reply by next business day, this will be copied to news papers editorial section and the ministry of communication. Please find the attached screenshot.

My available time:Morning 10a.m. to 12p.m.

Thanking you,

Ukesh Jayaraman.

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