Insurance cliam

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Max BUPA – Health Insurance

Hello Sir/Madam,

I am Archana and I stay in Bangalore. My Mother Stays in Shrigeri about 350 Kilometers from Bangalore. I though of health Insurance for my Mother and contacted MaxBupa. Sales officer Ms. Tanuja took my case and visited out house in Sep2010. I paid them RS 10, 264 through cheque number 686350 of ICICI Bank. Which was enchased on 29/Sep/2010. The sales officer during her visit confirmed that medical test will be done in Sringeri and I would receive the policy after that a few days. From Oct 2010 to Dec 2010 we followed up with MaxBupa for medical tests and policy. Every time the company said they will get back to us in 15 days, which did not happen. Finally in December they said they couldn’t do the tests, as Sringeri is not with in 100 Kms of Bangalore. So I asked them to return the money. The Sales officer then called me asked me if my mother is coming to Bangalore any time and can they perform the tests then. I said yes and they conducted the tests on her finally in 25,Jan 2011. When they did the tests the doctor forgot to take signature from my mother. Unfortunately today on 29 Jan 2011 when my mother went for a walk she fell and has a broken bone. The doctor has advised us surgery. When I called MaxBupa they said they couldn’t accept the claim, as the policy has not been generated. The doctor came today and got the signature in the afternoon from my mother. I have tried to call the sales officer and she in order to save her job is not telling her seniors all the above information. They have stated that they cannot accept the claim .

I request you to take action on MaxBupa and help me get my legitimate claim.

My details:
Mail id: [email protected]
MaxBupa Customer number : 00012374.

Thank you in advance for helping me .

Archana Harsha


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