Land Phone Dead since 15 days

Location/place: burla sambalpur orissa

Name of company/service: BSNL

To ,
General manager,
Bsnl, Sambalpur (OISSA)
04 Nov 2010
Subimal Mohanty
Burla, Sambalpur
Ph no- (0663)2430488
Mobile no-9438640631
Account no-8001052736
Customer id-3001052215
My landline phone is still dead inspite of complaining to every manager of bsnl for 1/2 month inspite of complaining to the 1500 toll free number no one has bothered to even come and check.not a surprise I expected this kind of service from bsnl.but I will write this complain on every blog on the grahak manch website .
As I told my father has been operated for heart pacemaker and he cannot use mobile when he is sick landline is the only means to contact me.if there is medical emergency and he cannot contact me I will hold bsnl responsible for this.


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