Lackadaisical approach to customer issues

I am an account holder in SBI JP Nagar branch, Bangalore(IFSC Code-SBIN0007117). I hold this account with them since 2007.Today, the 18th March, 2015. I went to the branch to deposit a cheque issued by my builder, who holds a current account at SBI, Tirupati.I was surprised to hear that the cheque cannot be honoured as it is a high value cheque and they cannot take risk. What kind of a bank is this who cannot take risks with a genuine A/c payee cheque and what kind of confidence that they show towards a loyal long term customer. There are obviously financial risks in a financial institution.When, I held my ground, one lady by name Kokila, who calls herself a manager (I say this because of her in-capability to do justice to her position), comes and says that there is a mis-match in the signature, and rudely says that you go to Tirupati and get this realized. Again, what kind of a shitty response to a customer and why should a customer hold an account in this bank when they can’t even properly speak to the customer. Upon much insistence, she re-directs me to the so called Assistant General Manager (just for name sake) by name T.M.Sharnabasava (another bull headed idiot). He does not have 2 minutes to listen to the customer issues and when customer speaks logically this idiot finds the talk rubbish. I said, I have an account here and I am presenting an account payee cheque, when you are unable to honour this cheque-please give me a valid reason for this. He says, we know what we are doing without quoting any reasons and later he says there is a signature mis-match. The previous day I had presented another cheque issued by the same person for the same bank which was rejected stating that there is a mis-match in the hand-writing and ink used (which is a valid reason and can be bought). When I went back to the cheque issuer and said this, he promptly accepted the same and issued me another cheque, with the same signature which all of sudden is not matching and the same signature was matching the previous day but the issue was with the difference in handwriting and ink.Then, I insisted the cheque be sent for collection to Tirupati branch(the issuers home branch), instead of they without much thought, asking me to go to Tirupati (They say, it takes just one day to and fro to Tirupati. For which, I said, then why the hell am I holding an account with your branch). Finally they agreed to send it for collection.I really don’t understand why SBI being a premier bank keeps these kinds of un-trained, irresponsible and stupid Kokila’s and Sharnbasava’s. Is there a dearth in India of knowledgeable people and who are willing to serve the customers with a smile? It’s high time that SBI realizes, times are changing in India and customers won’t accept bull-shit for an answer. Take care SBI, don’t become a history by keeping such stupid jerks to serve customers


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