Location/place: warangal andhrapradesh

Name of company/service: cocacola mobile2010 lucky draw

sir, i have received a sms from TD-WMLI on my mobile that i had received 8,50,000 pounds as a gift in cocacola intl mobile lucky draw please tell me that is it true or a scam i heard that many of them got similar messages with different mail addressess if it is fake please take necessary action against them for playing with innocent peoples feelings their mail id is [email protected] waiting for u r reply my mail id is [email protected]


4 responses to “is it scam or real”

  1. Jennifer Rewadi Avatar
    Jennifer Rewadi

    Hi, Pls do not fall for such offers. It is definately a scam. when u reply to them they will ask for all ur details and then they get to know all about u. I get such emails too. Please do not be tempted by such things. Wishing u good luck.

  2. Samarendra Saha. Avatar
    Samarendra Saha.

    Sir, I have received a SMS in my mobile phone,which congratulating me to win 8,50,000GB-POUNDS,from cocacola Intl mobile-draw.Their E-mail is [email protected].
    Please confirm me that,it is true or false. Thanking You,

  3. vipin kumar kesharwani Avatar
    vipin kumar kesharwani

    dear sir i have received a sms win ur number 9893573985

  4. ravinder gopal ohri Avatar
    ravinder gopal ohri

    sir i have received sms in my mobile phone to win 850000
    GBP from cocacola mobile draw.Their E-mail is
    [email protected] Please confir me that it is true or false. Thanking you. My mobile no is

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