Illegal practice and purposely with holding gas Cylinder

I am a customer of Bharat Gas, we are registered with the Distributor called Tejaswini Gas Service located on the 124 / A Madhuram Apartment, Ganesh Mala-dattawadi, Pune – 411030, Near Sitabaugh Colony. This agency does not obey the rules and run their own business. The agency and the delivery person called Sathe work hand in hand and deliver the gas cylinder without the bill. On January 28th we ordered for a gas and they delivered the gas without the bill. The delivery person insisted that he would get us the bill later, which we have not received till date. On the 9th of March we booked another cylinder and the delivery person called Sathe again came to the house without the bill. He told us due to the fact we did not link our Aadhaar card we will not get one and if we want the cylinder we have to pay Rs 640 without any hopes of getting a Subsidy on that particular cylinder. We returned the gas cylinder and went about linking the aadhaar and bank details which was successfully linked to the LPG gas company. It has been 15 days and we still have not received the gas and the gas agency and the delivery person are purposely not giving the cylinder to us as we are insisting on getting a bill for the same. We have complained to the All India industrial complaint number 1800 2333555, in vain and there is no resolution on their side either. They say it takes 48 working hours and it has been more than 92 hours with no resolution. We as law abiding citizens just want to feel protected and not harassed for following the law. Please help us get a resolution to this public menace.

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