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I have recently taken wireless broad band connection from Tikona. The customer Id is 1112156403. I am not getting feasible internet service at all, not even for 5 days in a month. I was given the connection from Tikona salesperson telling that the service will be good. Everytime I need to call customer care for resolution which works hardly for 1 or 2 hour. I would like to complain against Tikona and want my money back which I had paid for installation and other monthly charges. Tikona persons are not at all providing services to me. They even close the docket number raised without resolving the issue.

Please help me out to get my installation charges and other monthly charges which I have paid without using services of Tikona and want to close the connection and opt for any other internet service provider as soon as possible.
My contact details: 09883251487.

Looking for your support,

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