Illegal Charges levied by builder at the time of offering possession

I had booked a villa in Paramount Golf Foreste Zeta sector Greater Noida ( Uttar Pradesh ) in Mar 2011,this builder is a big time cheat and his only motive is to extract extra money on one pretext or other from property owners. The possession of my unit was supposed to be handed over in Feb 2014 and has been delayed by nearly 1 year. After an inordinate delay of 1 year I received a letter a few days back informing me that builder is planning to offer possession very soon, no fixed date has been mentioned in the letter. The biggest shock was the illegal demands raised by the builder before offering possession.
01) Builder is asking for advance maintenance charges of Rs 87000/- for 2 years. The demand for two years ( the demand should be for maximum one year) is totally illegal and unethical and never mentioned in the allotment letter and agreement.
02) Builder has re imposed a interest amount of Rs. 10000/- which was waived off.
03) Builder has raised a demand of Rs. 90000/- (Rs. Ninety Thousand only) for 6 KVa mandatory power load which was never mentioned in the original agreement. Builder is charging Rs 35000/- (Thirty Five Thousand only) for electric meter connection charges.
04) Builder has raised a demand of Rs. 3000/- (Rs. Three Thousand only) (subsidized rates) for a personal name plate which was never mentioned in the original agreement. This name plate would not cost more than a few hundred rupees is we purchase it directly from the market.
05) Builder has raised a demand of Rs. 2000/- ( Rs.Two Thousand only) for landscaping of villa which was never mentioned in the original agreement. Biggest joke is that in the name of landscaping builder has planted a tree and few flower shrubs in front of the unit.
06) Builder removed the outer boundary wall and assured a natural hedge will be provided outside the unit (which is nowhere to be seen and arm twisted the property owners to accept this change by giving a option quit or accept. Will builder like to answer the question how much money he saved through this change.
07) A demand of Rs. 15000/- ( Rs. Fifteen Thousand ) has been raised for ONT Box security ( what are these charges about ?) and these charges were never mentioned in the agreement.
08) A demand for Rs. 15000/- ( Rs. Fifteen Thousand only) has been raised towards legal and documentation charges which was not mentioned at the time of agreement.
09) A charge of Rs 12000/- ( Rs. Twelve Thousand only) has been levied by the builder as two years advance club usage charges which is against the agreement and unethical.
The biggest fraud purported by the builder M/S Paramount Villa , despite delaying the project , they have avoided the penalty clause in the demand letter which clearly shows the ulterior motive of the builder.

I request all property owners to resist the illegal charges demanded by the builder. I also seek advice from other group members how to deal with the situation?


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