IHO Fraudsters

Location/place: A-1/703 Param Puneet Aptt. sector 6 Dwarka New delhi

Name of company/service: Indian Health Organization

On 07.03.2012 I received a call from one of Indian Health Organization executives (Contact No. 08447728913) stating that they were offering an insurance plan worth Rs. 6600/- that would cover all the pre and post hospitalization expenses of myself and 3 other family members that I wanted to include. Plus I would get 4 cards for complete body check up of all the family members. The policy, I was told would be valid for 2 years.
I decided to purchase the policy and made payment of Rs. 6600/- by cash in A/c No. 0708 2320 0007 08 in the name of Indian Health Organization with HDFC Bank.
After that I got a confirmation call from IHO, confirming that they were sending me my policy along with ONE Body check up card(as against 4 promised). Further the details covered under policy were completely different from the ones I was told initially by the sales executive. I was baffled and confounded as to how this could happen. None of the features detailed by the sales executive were being extended to me anymore. Having learnt that everything I was told earlier was far away from reality and full of lies, i decided to call off my policy and demanded refund. I even asked the IHO people not to send me the policy or the body check up cards at all and just refund me my money. I was told that my cancellation request was under process and the same would be completed within 5 working days. After 5 days when I called them again to know the status I was told to wait for another 3 days. Like this, every time I call I am told that the cheque would be despatched in 5 days, and its been more than 2 months since I have been regularly calling them up only to hear the same old set of lies over and over again. I have been mentally harassed and monetarily drained by this fraudulent company. Please help me.

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