idea number 9911978833

Location/place: delhi

Name of company/service: idea prepaid

few days ago i recieved a message along with account balance information to dial one certain number(the message cant be saved).there was no addendum like conditions apply or call charges apply seemed as if by dialling we could get information about this contest.within a minute they charged rs i called back customer care to stop this service.. balance was reduced by rs 5 but the service was discontinued. yesterday without any provocation they resumed this service again.on enquiry i was told taht someone had called me up from idea and got it activated today.on further enquiry as to who called me and wat were the call details i was put on hold for full 11 minutes and then disconnected(and did not stop my forced participation).since morning i had not received any such call or even missed call.and now they will charge rs 5 everyday(in fact today rs 5 have been charged again) though i m not participating nor am i interested. i am sure they must have charged such money from several customers but not many bother for 5rs,hence lot of free revenue for the company.its no use swicthing over other companies as everyone is like that.

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