Location/place: Aundh, Pune

Name of company/service: Aditya Birla’s retail Ltd.(ABRL)

I Mrs Gandhi wanted to buy 20 Kgs. of sugar at a time from ABRL’s more, Aundh, pune on Sunday 1st nov 09. But on counter’ it was refused to me giving any valid reason. I was told that I can buy only 5 Kgs. at a time, I asked then make 4 seperate bills of 5 Kgs. each. But again it was denyed to me giving any valid reason. And suddenly I was told that ,I can buy only 1 Kg at a time.I asked to give in writing but my request was refused without any valid reason. I also asked that if it is their companys policy then show me the rules and regulations , and without any valid reason I was denyed to buy 20 Kgs. of sugar.


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