Location/place: NOIDA

Name of company/service: TATASKY

TATASKY have mentally harassed me to the extreme for more than 4 months. From last 4-5 months i am facing problem of disrupted picture/ signal continuously. I made more than 15-20 complaints in last 4-5 months. Every time their installer would visit, will do this & that, and just after few hours problem will start repeating. I tried to contact their NODAL officer, but he never replied neither by e-mail nor anyone receives my calls on the number depicted by them. When i threatened to quit their service, they deducted Rs. 450 from my A/c, on account of replacing SET TOP box. They replaced my SET TOP box twice and each time they told now problem will not repeat. Today also, the problem is still there with same severity.

They are cheating their customers by providing the email IDs and contact numbers of NODAL OFFICERS. In fact no any NODAL officer is there to revert you. Now i want to quit TATASKY but i want my balance amount of Rs. 541/- which was there in my A/c before the two times replacements of SET TOP box.

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