Harrasment faced with regards to purchasing maruti car/loan processing from HDFC Bank

Location/place: Kolkata

Name of company/service: Vodafone Essar East Limited

Inconvenience faced at Deewars Garage, Topsia( Autnorise Maruti Dealer):

My case is handled by Mr. Sandeep Saha DSE ( 9830313603)… please find below the miscommitment so far:

On 26.06.10 when I called up Mr. Sandeep Saha from home whether I can visit the Topsia outlet to do the necessary booking … he straight away said that today it is closed and to visit the outlet on 27.06.10. As I was having off on that day, I called up the Topsia board number and they said that they are opened today and I can very well visit. I visited on the same day and reported the same to Mr.Ujjal Das (Team Leader 9831966756). He said that would surely take necessary action against him. In absence of Mr. Sandeep Saha, Mr.Ujjwal Das handled the case and booked for me a RITZ VXI / G.GREY on 26TH JUNE 2010. Against the booking I deposited an amount of Rs.10000 via receipt # 919. He also issued me a ORDER BOOKING/COMMITMENT CHECKLIST along with a filled in format which can be given to the bank for car loan purpose.

Please find below the commitments given during sales:
Group A:
Ex Showroom Price- Rs.430079.00
Registration – Rs. 30250.00
Insurance Premium – Rs. 12854.00 ( Discount if NCB applicable)
Extended Warranty – Rs. 2395.00
HP Charges – Rs.500.00
Total – Rs.476078.00
Group B:
Discounts :
New car discount – Rs.15000.00
Corporate – Rs. 3000.00
Total discount – Rs.18000.00
Group C:
Old car (Alto LXI) exchange price – Rs.130000 ( As per valuation done by True Value Team)
Group A – (Group B+C)
Total price to be paid for the car – Rs. 328078.00
Free Accessories – Rs.2500

Hence I applied for car loan of Rs. 322000 from HDFC Bank.

On Monday( 19.07.10) I received a call from Mr. Sandeep Saha ( 9830313603) asking to visit the Topsia showroom for necessary documentation purpose. Hence I visited the showroom on 20.07.10. On reaching there I was shocked to see that everything has changed and all the commitments have transferred to miscommitment:

• The ORDER BOOKING/COMMITMENT CHECKLIST & booking receipt which was issued for VXI RITZ Non ABS/ G.GREY whereas requisition was given for VXI RITZ ABS/ G.GREY.
• The Old car (Alto LXI) exchange price has come down to Rs.1,25,000.00 from Rs.1,30,000.
• Free accessories has come down from Rs.2500 to Rs.1000.

Mr. Sandeep Saha ( 9830313603) informed me that the difference between VXI RITZ Non ABS & ABS is only Rs.6000.00 more so I said to go ahead. I also filled up the necessary Form 20 and gave my PAN card/Election card/Vodafone ID Card Xerox. He also asked me to come on Saturday i.e. 24.07.10 to give him the old car and he will try to deliver the new car on Monday i.e.26.07.10.

On 20.07.10 while going thru the Maruti site I found out that there is a difference of Rs.26,000 between VXI RITZ Non ABS & ABS and not Rs.6000.00.

Immediately on 21.07.10, I started calling Sandeep but unfortunately his mobile was switched of for the entire day, then at 5pm I called up Mr.Ujjwal Das and asked for the difference in the price between VXI RITZ Non ABS & ABS, he said Rs.26,000 only.. he also gave me contact number of Mr.Utsab who is the current Team Leader of Sandeep.

I have already briefed him about the entire incident to him yesterday & today to Ms. Rajni Khanna(-Customer Care Manager-9830071801.
Please not got the refund of Rs.10,000 back.

Inconvenience faced with HDFC Bank Car loan division & registration problem with Bhandari Automobiles Howrah ( Authorised Maruti Dealer):

• Issued a cheque of Rs. 6,045 on 26.07.10 against insurance to Deepak your sales representative but till date have not received any temporary cover note for the same.
• There was a issue raised with regards to car loan extension problem at the agreed rate hence I was pressurized by your sales representative to book the car immediately from another dealer as there was a discrepancy faced with Deewars Garage. With the help of Nitin, I got the reference of Bhandari Automobiles, Howrah and immediately without a single day delay I called the dealer for the valuation of my old car and simultaneously I visited Bhandari Automobiles and met Mr. Amit Singh ASM on 24.07.10. I cleared all booking formalities and paid the entire balance amount on the very same day and completed the entire documentation also. I was supposed to get the car delivered on 28.07.10. On enquiring about the delivery on 26.07.10 at Bhandari got to know that HDFC has not yet released the loan amount and hence the dealer is unable to deliver the car. On calling up Nitin & Deepak I got no response from them, rather they even never bothered to pick up or reply to the sms forwarded to them.
After talking on quite a few occasions with Amit Singh ( Bhandari Automobiles), he agreed to deliver the car on the committed date i.e.28.07.10 but again unfortunately when I went to pick up the car in the evening I found that number allotment & registration was pending.

• From 28.07.10 till date I am having the new car but parked in my garage as if it is in a showroom. He has in the meantime on 28.07.10 only has taken my old car away. On enquiring with Amit Singh he committed first that would get the number & registration done on 02.08.10 but failed, then committed 03.08.20 but failed now committing 04.08.10 but I am sure would surely fail.

I am really surprised with the level of commitment you people are delivering … it is really quite unfortunate to meet such representative’s of such a reputed institution with whom I am having a relationship for last 8 years who is just busy to get their numbers right at the month ends without ensuring customer delight.

Now I Feel that I have done a great mistake of even thinking to change my car and take car loan from your BANK.

I am a maruti user since last 6 years and i have never faced such challenges in the past…

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