Harassed by Airtel

Location/place: Delhi

Name of company/service: Airtel

Harassed by Airtel
This is the second time I am writing here in 3 months and still my case is not resolved. Forget about being resolved, I and my family are harassed and mentally tortured daily by Airtel employees.

The original problem was that my broadband bill for the month of June was charged against a limited plan whereas I subscribed for an unlimited plan. This was not resolved until late August and in the meantime I was harassed daily by Airtel employees and was given false promises by them. I can name a few: Mr. Shyam Kumar, Ms. Namrata and Mr. Nasir Ahmed. Also, the consumer forum directed this problem to Mr. Ashish.Sarin who has also not been effective to resolve this. Again my July bill was also charged against the wrong plan.

In the late august when I was told that my bill has been rectified for both the months, I asked the airtel employee tot kindly send me the rectified bill and I will make the payment, but due to the inefficient employees and procedures of airtel I did not receive any bill and today my landline and broadband for the number 01142427233 have been disconnected. I seriously want to take up this misbehavior, harassment and torture by Airtel and its employees in the court of law and I am writing a separate written letter to airtel so that I have a proof (since these guys are so unprofessional and unethical they will definitely delete the emails).

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