had ordered a dinning table one month back

Location/place: chennai-medavakkam

Name of company/service: sekar stores-medvakkam

I ordered glass table one month back and i was told tthat they can arrange the piece in 3days.. and asked me to pay advance for that, only then they wil takee the order.though suffering from knee ligament fracture i got them the advance … the purpose of me ordering the table had gone in vain.. i couldn’t sit on the floor and eat so that’s y placed order.. but since one month i am hearing that the piece is coming and its on its own…..

after 20days they got me aentirely different piece and are saying this is only available and the one booked is not available now…

1. had they known they can’t arrange another piece then y take the booking..
2. wen i regularly called them after 3days of booking why did they lie that the piece s on its way..
3. i told them the need, that i am suffering from knee injury atleast then they could have told me that they can’t arrange piece

now after a month now they say that piece can’t be arranged…

the trauma i underwent for buying a table and the kind of costumer service these people gave is ridiculous

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