Coca Cola Mobile Award Promo [email protected]

Location/place: surat

Name of company/service: Coca Cola Mobile Award Promo 20112

Name of company/service: COCA-COLA

HI , i m Sandip . . I have received a message recently from +918447073621 saying ** U Have Won 1.6 crore rupees in COCA-COLA INT`L MOBILE DRAW PROMO 2012 REFERENCE NUMBER: 568A2008,
BATCH NUMBER: G245,To Claim your Price send your details to our Head Office in Coca Cola Mobile Award Promo [email protected]
Office Tel: +00447017043417
this messeage sent to mobile no.+918447073621 and this person name mahavir pls u have take this person some action and so save anther people of froud.

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