Fraudulent Claim By Ford INDIA

Ford India, in their recent ad, have shown “Sync” as an application in their vehicles, which can do anything on your command. However, I found out that the app link is not working in my car (Ford New Fiesta Titanium). I have been complaining to the dealer, Ford Head Office (in Gurgaon/ Chennai) about the non-operation of this feature for the past about three months now. However, my complaint could not be redressed. During this period of time, I have come to know that this “Sync” feature does not work in other vehicles from Ford, as well. This has led me to believe that Ford India is making fraudulent claims regarding this feature in their cars, thus misleading prospective buyers.
I pray that Ford India be directed forthwith to stop this ad till corrective action (or recall) of all affected vehicles has been undertaken.


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