Fraud in postpaid bill

I am a Vodafone Customer in MPCG using 2G data plan.
Vodafone has charged me Rs 49/- to 249/- every-month which I had never downloaded. They charged me total 851/- in last 7 months. When I called their Customer Forum for explanation they had no proper explanation. They are not ready to even let me know how to prevent from these charges. I’m planning to port my number as well as my whole family members (25 Members) numbers to other service provider as they are not able to provide an honest service.
See summary of my unnecessary changes in last 7 months:
d2c_mazaa_99 99/-
wapvilla_ppd 0:00 99/-
Total 198/-
Jan-2015 d2c_mobc_ganak_ppu 99/-
d2c_mazaa_49 49/-
d2c_ndtv_valuepk_99 99/-
d2c_mydala_99 0:00 99/-
Total 247/-
Nov 2014
games_download_pac 0:00 49/-
d2c_mobilart_50 0:00 50/-
hello1_tvallsouth_ 0:00 30/-
Total 129/-
Oct 2014
wapvilla_ppd 49/-
Sep 2014
deals_mydala_99 0:00 99/-
Aug 2014 handygo_javagame_3 30/-


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