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Respected Sir, I am Jayashree from Secunderabad joined a fraud company in April 2009, who promised to give Rs100/- daily for 300 days by investing Rs10000/- and if someone makes member under him/her will get Rs20/ per day for 300 days.After giving Rs100/daily for60 days company stopped giving and changed the web site name as without any intimation.The contact person was Mr Manish of Mumbai Mob no-9819975475.
We have deposited minimum Rs60,00,000/ (Sixty Lakh)in the name of following Bank Accounts.
1-Mumbai – ICICI ACC NO-021101512416 Name – Jesal Neeraj Khansaheb.
2- Hyderabad-Hydernagar -Sbi ACC NO-30745558330 Name – B V Ramana Rao.
3- Hyderabad-ICICI Bank
ACC NO-0631201530702 Name – Bandharu Kalyan Bharadwaj.
4- Hyderabad-HDFC-ACC NO-10211530000276 Name – Bandharu Kalyan Bharadwaj.
Some Diposit slips of Banks are kept as a proof of evidence.
Sir I request your department to investigate the fraud case and the fraud gang of Mumbai.
(Dear Friends , let’s come forward to help the Consumer complaint forum to Investigate the fraud matter to render us justice)

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