fraud by sony ericsson service center

Location/place: new delhi

Name of company/service: sony ericsson

Dear Sir

I am an unfortunate and a poor user of Sony Ericsson Mobile phone who is being harassed by your service center in New Delhi, India.

I will request you to please help me.

“I have purchased one SOny Ericsson P1i on 5th May 2009 from Cariano Telecom for a huge 19500/-(rs nineteen thousand five hundred only).

all my friends were insisting that I should go for a NOKIA if I am spending that much but still I trusted Sony and invested in that. But after the painful experience, I think they were right. Even they have the right to tease me and they do.

My handset started giving few pronlems like loosing network very often and display also used to go blank.

I deposited the handset in your service center RT Outsourcing Ltd. situated at District Center, Janak Puri, New delhi on 13/March/2010 vide workorder no SE310RJK11547 and after 20 days I recieved it back on 03/April/2010

It was still with same problems with an added problem that mt memory card was also not working now.

I deposited the handset back again on 24/April/2010 vide workorder no SE310RJK12423

When on last friday I went to service center, I was shoked by the rudeness of service center in telling me that the handset will not be covered under warranty since LCD was broken.

I was in a fix since after 1 month of depositing the handset your expert engineers came to know that LCD was broken of a WORKING HANDSET which was handed over to your service center in prefectly working condition.

I am left with no option and choice except to speak to higher authorities like you and update you regarding the FRADULENT PRACTICES being followed by your service centers.

I will request you to immediately look into the matter and I will like you to help me on 2 things

1. I want an apology fron Service Center for the fraud and harrasment done to me
2. I will now not take this handset model (P1i) since your service center has told me that the model is OBSELETE and that no parts are available for repairing.

Waiting for reply



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