Fraud and un ethical behaviour

I have taken a weight loss program for 30 sessions, before we take they are all friendly and good, but after that they are not cooperative.

I had a weddin 2 months they promised I would loose at least about 5 kgs and a good shape but never appointments were available, I hadrdly took 10 sessions and didn’t even loos 1 Kg they keep giving reasons why I didn’t loose and they they said that I won’t loose weight and will only get a shape and the place was not kept clean, and more over the treatment gave me bruises, all over my waist , for the wedding I could wear anything with out adding makeup to it, they are unethical and don’t even respond when complains also I was tell them that the machine I am getting a shock wave from it and they didn’t respond they said it’s like that after two day I ended up with a purple druse and with a big Patches h of dry and pealing off skin …

Please help with how to take further actions

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