Fraud Agency. No service or Refund provided

I got a call from on 07/02/2015 from a lady who introduced herself as Ria.She asked me that had i applied for jobs on When i agreed she provided me job oppurtunity in Samsung Patna for which she asked me to complete some processes by going online on She aked me to purchae Resume Flash Service for Rs 1750 (Order ID : 41427) on 07/02/2015 from to register for samsung job.Then for further process she transferred call to a man who introduced himself as Rahul Sharma. He directed me to purchase Employement verification service, Educational Verification service, LinkedIn profile (Order ID : 41447) for Rs 14097.00/- as a part of registration process. Mr.Rahul told me that this amount of Rs 14097 is for demo process and is absolutely refundable and will be refunded to my same account from which payment has been made within 24 hour of payment.i.e; before 9/2/2015.He also claimed that amount of Rs 1750 will be recovered in my first salary.But I did’nt received any refund. Rahul Sharma also said that they will arrange HR interview for me on 09/02/2015 and I will be provided its details by mail and phone call from but I did’nt received any mail or call from or from Rahul Sharma.He assured me that I dont need to pay any amount after paying Rs 15,847(14097+1750)earlier. After having no response from their side I made a call to on 11/02/2015. Rahul Sharma attended the call and asked me to pay Rs 4999(refundable claimed by Rahul Sharma) for International Resume service to get the refund. On 11/02/2015 he made me purchase that service (Order ID: 42171) and told me that my process is complete and my refundable amount of RS 14097+4999=19096/- will be transfered to my account very soon. Unfortunately, I did’nt received the refund amount of Rs 19096/-. Rahul Sharma called me few days later and said that to achieve the refundable aforesaid amount I need to made a further payment of Rs 8000/- in their account whose details he provided me through a message ( Acc name- Cvinfo tech Bank; Acc no:025305500626). He claimed that this amount of 8000 is also refundable and is a part of process.He said that I will receive the refund amount of Rs 27096/- as soon as I pay Rs 8000 in their account.I trusted him and made the payment but neither he provided any refund to me nor any HR interview he arranged. When I asked Rahul Sharma about the refund and job, he said that he will provide both before 23/02/2015 but he lied again. And now when I am asking him for refund and job he is answering that I will not get the refund or job unless I make a further payment of Rs 20000/-. As a proof I have provided you order IDs (41447,41427,42171), I have ICICI consumers payslip of Rs 8000 and had recorded my phone conversation with Rahul Sharma which I can provide to you if needed. Rahul Sharma has misguided me and betrayed me at each step to fraudently get in written that I am availing all these services from myself on and I am satisfied with executive or which is not true. Rahul Sharma contact no:9136465818; 8802447466; OFFICE NO:1204328350. Sir, I request you to kindly consider my case and take appropriate measures to provide me the refundable amount of Rs 27096/- as early as you can. Your any effort in this regard shall be highly appreciated.


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  1. I orderd sony hard disk cost 5000 from Paytm and they given 1500 discount, after some time I got that 1500 amount and within 2 days my cash bak amount was showing zero,
    I talked with paytm , they told we used these cash back amount.I ask if I used so plase provide order details.
    Please don’t trust on Paytm…

  2. its true please dont use paytm for any order and shoping

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